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Dental Preventive Care & Checkups in Wayland, MA

Every patient needs regular dental preventive care appointments to enjoy optimal oral health and wellbeing. That’s because common oral health problems like gum disease and tooth decay can develop quickly, and without the patient even knowing about them.

During an oral exam at Wayland Dental, Dr. Michael Putt will thoroughly assess your oral health to determine if more advanced care is needed. Maybe you need help with a basic general dentistry service like white fillings, or perhaps you’d benefit from another cosmetic or restorative service. With a regular dental appointment, Dr. Putt can help you make excellent decisions about your oral care. Contact our practice today to schedule your first visit! We welcome patients from Natick, MA and other surrounding areas.

Oral Cancer Screenings for All Patients

As part of the preventive care process at Wayland Dental, Dr. Putt will perform a visual oral cancer screening. Oral cancer isn’t as common as gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral health problems, but like them, it can develop secretly without the patient knowing they even have it.

Certain behaviors increase one’s risk of developing oral cancer. Those behaviors include tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption, frequent exposure to sunlight, habitual cheek or lip biting, and poorly fitting dentures. However, even though these behaviors are closely connected to oral cancer, a quarter of all new cases are in people with none of these risk factors at all. That’s why oral cancer screenings for every patient are so important.

Catching oral cancer early can dramatically improve a patient’s chances of receiving successful treatment. During your next dental appointment, Dr. Putt will look for the common signs of oral cancer and put together a treatment plan if anything is found.

How Often Should I See Dr. Putt for Preventive Care?

We recommend that every patient see Dr. Putt at least twice a year for preventive dental checkups and oral cancer screenings. Of course, every persons dental health is unique, and often we recommend visiting us more frequently to maintain optimal dental health. Because the most common oral health problems can develop secretly without you even knowing it, seeing us often will help us monitor your health and offer treatment at the first sign of any problems. Proactive dental care means less invasive care, which in turn lets you keep more of your natural smile for longer.

Don’t put off important care. Visit Dr. Putt twice a year for regular dental cleanings and oral cancer screenings!